Artificial wedding boutonnieres as wedding accessory.

Preparing for the wedding ceremony, we always want to do everything in the best way. We carefully think through the menu for the feast. We choose the wine list ourselves and pay particular attention to decorating the room. Someone even comes up with a wedding dress code for guests. But the main task is still the decoration of the suits of the groom with wedding boutonnieres.

For the lady, earrings, hairpins and a flower bouquet are of great importance. And for a man it is necessary to choose the boutonniere. So what exactly is a wedding boutonnieres? From French, this word is translated as a flower in a buttonhole. The tradition of decorating the groom’s jacket with a live flower appeared a very long time ago. But eventually the handmade art could make some corrections to it. The fact is that both the bouquet of the bride and the groom’s boutonniere can be preserved as a family relic. And, of course, people do not really like just drying flowers. After all, in the dried form they lose their beauty. Thanks to cold porcelain and Deco-clay materials it is possible to make wedding boutonnieres with artificial flowers which can not be distinguished from the real ones.

Forever beautiful artificial wedding boutonnieres.

Main advantages of these materials are:

  • Environmentally friendly and absolutely safe material. In contact with the skin, these products will not cause allergies or irritation.
  • The creation of flowers completely excludes stamping. That is, even the smallest detail in each flower will be completely unique and unrepeatable. This allows the compositions to look very, very realistic.
  • Surely, guests of the wedding will suppose that this artificial wedding boutonnieres are real.

Artificial wedding boutonnieres as a work of art.

In general, any product made out of these materials is a real work of art. No other materials allows the artisan to achieve the same realism. For example, flowers from the fabric, because of their texture, do not look like alive. However, cold porcelain and Deco-clay harmoniously combine everything: beauty, uniqueness and tenderness.
Wedding boutonnieres from these material have a small weight. Due to this they are perfectly placed in the buttonhole and will never fall out from there.

Wedding boutonnieres and care for.

It remains to highlight the last issue: the care for such wedding boutonnieres. If you intend to keep your wedding boutonniere for many years, you need to remember a few rules. First, try not to wet such products, because they do not like moisture. Second, for cleaning, choose only dry methods.