Handmade artificial wedding bouquets.

When decorating a wedding ceremony, we always want to choose the best. Everything around should be decorated with balls, ribbons and flowers. Tablecloths should shine with snow-white flowers and exquisite patterns. The tables should be filled with the most delicious dishes. And so on and so forth. However, first of all, the beauty has to concern the suits of the groom and the bride. And these things need to be taken more seriously, than even compiling a menu or list of guests. Especially, when we talking about bridal dresses or artificial wedding bouquets.

The bride face a very difficult task: to create a beautiful and unique image. How to make it? Of course, with the help of unique jewelry and accessories. In such case, art of handmade will help. Moreover, you will become the owner of things that really no one else has. Artificial flowers will be the best decoration for hairpins, earrings, necklaces, rings of the bride and also for artificial wedding bouquets. In addition, the best materials for creating these flowers will be cold porcelain and Deco-clay. These materials are unique and surprising in its properties and appearance.

Artificial wedding bouquets that will never fade.

Of course, each of us knows well what a wedding bouquet is. It is not just an important attribute of celebration. This is a thing that you will carefully keep in the family for many years. With its finesse, the bridal bouquet will always remind the girl of the most beautiful day. Nevertheless, how to maintain this miracle for many years? Of course, real flowers will dry and will lose their gentle look. There will be only some parody of the wedding bouquet. Therefore, the best way is to make artificial wedding bouquets of cold porcelain or Deco-clay.

Thanks to such materials, artificial flowers will look like real ones. The petals of the flowers will never fade and the bouquet will not lose its shape. In addition, cold porcelain and Deco-clay are durable, eco-friendly and pleasant to the touch materials. The bride will be pleased to hold such a bouquet in her hands. In addition, in the future artificial wedding bouquets can be in use as a worthy decoration of the interior. The only thing that these artificial wedding bouquets lack is aroma. However, if you want, you are able to solve this problem very easy. It is enough to sprinkle the artificial wedding bouquets with pleasant perfume.

Why are our artificial wedding bouquets so good?

The answer to this question is very simple. The technique of creating flowers from cold porcelain and Deco-clay does not imply stamping. In other words, every detail in each flower will look unique. Moreover, artificial flowers look the same as real ones. In them, it is impossible to meet repetitions. Each petal has its own bends, and each leaf has its own veins.

An even greater charm to artificial wedding bouquets will add all kinds of greenery. It is also handmade. Thus, you will become the owner of a real miracle. In addition, the guests of the wedding will certainly assume that artificial wedding bouquet is real.

Artificial wedding bouquets and care for.

So, that the bouquet delight the happy married couple for a long time, you need to take care for it properly. Do not worry! No special effort will be required. You just need to remember a couple of simple rules. Firstly, cold porcelain does not like water. Therefore, do not wet the artificial wedding bouquets. Secondly, for cleaning products such bouquets you need to choose only dry methods.