Flower earrings of cold porcelain and Deco-clay.

Cold porcelain and Deco-clay are amazing materials in its properties. They are light in weight and pleasant to the touch. In addition, one of its most important advantages is hypoallergenicity. Flower earrings made out of such materials will not cause the owner to have an allergy or irritation. However, perhaps, the most important advantage of the materials is its realism. In this, it is difficult to find some analog. Moreover, maybe it is impossible to do at all.

From cold porcelain and Deco-clay make flower jewelry, for example, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and of course, earrings. By choosing this or that flower, the artisan creates a real miracle. After all, it is impossible to distinguish cold porcelain or Deco-clay flowers from real ones. For greater realism, flower earrings can even be sprinkled with perfume. As a result, they will have not only a beautiful look but also smell.

Artificial flower earrings – uniqueness and originality.

By ordering flower earrings, you will get not just an adornment, but also something special. Every detail, every nuance in the flower earrings is made in its own way. This is what makes our artificial flowers so realistic. Because in nature there are no copies and repetitions. Take any flower: an exquisite rose or field chamomile. Look closely at it. For sure, you will not find in it two identical petals or leaves. Each vein, every bend: everything in them is unique. The same is true for our products.

Flower earrings that will never fade.

Perhaps, the reality of these flowers can be considered their main advantage. You just need to choose your favorite flowers and their color. And an experienced artisan will make an incredible miracle. In addition, this beauty will never fade. Flower earrings are ideal for any summer gown, be it a sundress or jeans with a T-shirt. With their naturalness and delicacy, they will emphasize your image and complement it favorably.

In addition, the flower earrings bases also will not cause an allergy. We use only nickel-free bases.

How to keep the flower earrings beautiful?

Firstly, we will immediately make the clause that cold porcelain and Deco-clay do not dim for a long time – about 25 years. For example, the sun’s rays do not harm them at all. So any owner of such earrings needs only to properly take care of them. All that you need to remember is these materials do not like moisture. Therefore, do not wear such jewelry in the rain and do not leave them in the bathroom. Well, and during cleaning, use only dry methods. You can use napkins, soft sponge or dust brush.