Handmade flower hair clips.

In our shop you are able to find a large number of flower hair clips. The catalog presents exquisite, unique accessories for the hair that will be the perfect addition for different looks and outfits. Also they are perfect for holidays, occasions and in everyday life.

How we make flower hair clips.

Flower hair clips made out of cold porcelain. We pay attention to each petal and leaf. As a result our products are difficult to distinguish from the natural flowers. The material is very durable and flexible. Also we use oil based dyes for painting that allows crating any kind of flowers. These gentle adornments of the hairstyle attract attention and make an unbelievable impression. The hair accessories are functional and aesthetic decoration. Furthermore flower hair clips are masterpieces that completely imitate real flowers.

What do we offer?

The catalog presents a variety of clips. In the range are different compositions of lilies, orchids, lilacs, roses, poppies and other flowers. Also colors, shapes and designs are very different.

How to wear flower hair clips.

Hair clips help to create a gentle and romantic look. They add color and brightness to your hairstyle. As a result they are perfect for all types of hair.

In our shop you are able to find flower hair clips of different shades, from gentle pastel, to bright and juicy. Hair accessories can be used for evening hairstyles, wedding and everyday. Also you can wear them with business suits, lush dresses, jeans and classic trousers. They adorn the hair of any type, color and length. Hair clips can easily collect curls or fix straight hair. In addition you can pin them to the side behind ear or on the top, decorate a bun or ponytail.

Fashion flower hair clips do not just adorn the hair, but also attracts attention to the person, looks amazing in the hair, gives lightness, freshness and femininity.