Flower hair pins – handmade hair accessories.

Cold porcelain flower hair pins are perfect for adorn every hairstyle. In our online store are products with flowers that look like real. But at the same time they will please for a long.

Features of the flower hair pins.

The accessories made out of the high quality materials. The texture is not smooth, which allows to fix the hair well. Also special rounding at the ends prevents injury and provides comfortable use.

How to use flower hair pins.

Every lady wants to look impeccable and stand out from the rest. Often skillful using of simple accessories will help to stay on top. Given that the main element of the ladies look is the hairstyle, preferably to adorn the hair with flower hair pins. They can be used for both daily styling and evening hairstyles.

Should note that when creating evening look, the hair pins just correct the hairstyle. For fixing you should use the flower bobby pins. Flower hair pins made out of the cold porcelain help to make the look brighter and more romantic. They allow you to independently style your hair and do not overpay for expensive masters services. Weaves and tufts get an elegant appearance.

Flower hair pins will help to create an image of tenderness and lightness. The peculiarity of our accessories is that they look like fresh flowers, but the effect remains forever.

The hair accessory keeps the hair together and promotes a stylish, artistic design. In addition the natural shade will stand out on the hair. The original accessory will become a real decoration for the evening styling.

Initially the hair was decorated with the real flowers, but they are short-lived and easily lose their presentable appearance. Artificial flower hair pins will bring a zest and draw attention to the beauty of the hair. They will revive every hairstyle and help to give the image of passion, sensuality and tenderness.