Flower hair combs.

Flower hair combs – these are one of the most ancient adornments in the world. From year to year, these accessories do not lose their relevance. Modern women use them to adorn hairstyles and fix individual strands of hair. Hair combs, presented in the catalog, varied in appearance, style, and design. They allow you to create a unique image and give a hairstyle attractive look. Besides, they are suitable for a solemn occasion, and everyday life.

Flower hair combs and product range.

The catalog of our online store presents a rich assortment of millions of women’s favorite hair accessories. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can choose for yourself the perfect adornment. It can be both combs with one flower, and accessories with a mini-bouquet. Besides, to create more lively flower arrangements, we use additional elements – berries and green foliage.

Each presented product has an original design. Combs with pink roses or peonies look very tender and unusual in your hair. Bright and extraordinary – flower hair combs with blue flowers and berries. As a result, the choice of products is unlimited!

Flower hair combs – features and materials.

Flower hair combs are exclusive handmade products created by the author’s sketches. For the making of all products used cold porcelain or Deco-clay. Cold porcelain and Deco-clay are materials that allow you to create all the details as accurately as possible. Therefore, the flowers look like real ones. Handmade accessories characterized by impeccable quality.

Flower hair combs are light, airy, almost weightless. Do not worry about the flowers, and they will never fade. Handmade flowers are hypoallergenic, they do not cause allergies and do not stain your hair. The combs will save their attractive appearance for many years. Besides, it is easy to care for such accessories – periodically you need to blow off the dust from the flowers. That’s all.

Flower hair combs are very simple to use – attach the accessory to the hair in the right place. Moreover, thanks to durable and reliable teeth, it will well hold hair and unruly strands.

How and what to wear with flower hair combs.

Combs will suit all women and match any hairstyle. These flower hair combs can adorn loose hair of any length. They are also perfect for creating wedding hairstyles. Using a comb, you can fix the veil. Furthermore, no less harmonious the accessories will suit everyday styling, hairstyles, and any outfits. Moreover, they look amazing with dresses and light sundresses.

Flower hair combs can become an integral part of the image of the graduate, the bride, and her bridesmaids. Delicate flower buds on the combs will like even the smallest fashionistas. Beautiful and elegant, such accessories favorably emphasize the individuality and subtle taste of each woman. And the created image will be more feminine and elegant.

Choose amazing flower hair combs and feel like a real queen!