What kind of material we use?

  • Cold Porcelain

Cold porcelain is non-toxic material. Despite its name it is not porcelain, but its lightweight and durable.Once sculpted into a finished craft, it does not require heat in order for it to cure, instead hardening by exposure to fresh air. It can be used for innumerable small projects.

  • Deco Clay (Claycraft by Deco or Air Dry Clay)

Claycraft by Deco is an innovative, air-dried modeling clay that is light, pliable, easy to work with and versatile. With an endless array of color mixing possibilities, it’s perfect for detail work.
Finished creations are not only beautiful; they are lightweight, soft to the touch, yet exceptionally durable for a lifetime of enjoyment. Finished pieces air-dry to a firm constancy in 24 hours.

How do we make the flowers?

The flowers are made entirely by hand of the one or of the mix of the materials that listed above. That’s why we can make the flowers in any color.

How to care for the artificial flowers?

If the flowers are dirty you can wipe with a dry cloth or with a dust brush.
Don’t use a damp cloth, because this can be a consequence of color loss or beautiful appearance.

What do the dimensions mean?

The dimension for hair accessories is the length for the whole thing. From the beginning to the end point.
The dimension for flower arrangements is the height from the bottom of the vase to the highest point of flower.

Why does the photo look different than the stated product?

Despite all flowers are handmade, we try to make the products exactly like on the pictures. Due to differences in lighting and your screen settings, colors can little differ.

Can I combine multiple items to save on shipping?

Yes! You can combine your items by adding them to the cart. Shipping price for the multiple order is lower than purchase each product separately.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes! You are able to choose the most appropriate delivery company depending on the shipping price and country. Selection of the company available just before the purchasing.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide to all countries.

Should I pay any customs taxes?

We always ship the products marked as a gift with low prices, but buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.