Flower bracelets.

Sometimes, for creating a beautiful and harmonious image, you have to do a lot. However, stylish flower bracelets on hand can simplify this difficult task. Delicate bracelets with artificial flowers will help you to adorn even the most ordinary-looking outfit. Besides, they will add to any image special femininity, lightness, and elegance.

Flower bracelets and products range.

Our online store offers you a rich assortment of flower bracelets. The catalog contains a large selection of awesome bracelets for creating a romantic image. For example, bracelets with turquoise hydrangeas, peach roses or white apple blossoms. Among the accessories, some bright models will perfectly fit modern and creative girls. Moreover, here you can find unique bracelets. In particular, a wedding bracelet with orchids, which will adorn your hand from wrist to elbow.

We use various flowers to make bracelets:

  • pink roses – symbolize friendship, joy, and admiration;
  • white roses – are considered a symbol of innocence and purity;
  • yellow roses – represent life energy;
  • peach roses – symbolize respect and desire;
  • white orchids – are considered the embodiment of harmony and perfection;
  • pansies – express loyalty, devotion, and wisdom.

The choice of flower bracelets, as well as the language of flowers, is unlimited!

Flower bracelets: materials and features of accessories.

Flower bracelets are handmade designer jewelry. The presented accessories have no analogs and differ in original design. Cold porcelain and Deco-clay used to create the flower elements of the product. These materials have unique properties. They are light and pleasant to the touch, well retains shape and color. Moreover, they refer to hypoallergenic materials. Therefore, our pieces of jewelry will not cause allergies. When creating flower arrangements, the artisan pays attention to the basic rules of color painting, selecting the most successful color solutions.

However, the main feature of handmade flower bracelets is a high level of detail of all elements of the product. All aspects of the presented products are handmade. Each petal of a rose, orchid, hydrangea or other flower painted in detail by the master. Therefore, our flower bracelets are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones.

The definite advantage of the bracelets is their practicality and durability. Products from cold porcelain are not afraid of heat and frost. Their color does not tarnish more than 20 years. Therefore, with proper care, the presented bracelets will serve you for many years.

All products have a universal size, are created according to individual sketches and are of impeccable quality.

Flower bracelets on hand – jewelry for all occasions.

Bracelets will suit any celebration. It will perfectly fit into the image of the bride and give her image a special solemnity. Flower bracelets on hand – this is an excellent alternative to the traditional bouquets of bridesmaids. Also with such pieces of jewelry, you can adorn the hand of a graduate or a birthday woman. Besides, it will be an excellent gift for your daughter, wife or girlfriend.

Imagine how beautiful and unusual flower bracelets will look on your hand. With this jewelry, you will never get lost in the crowd. With whatever outfit you wear a bracelet, it will always rivet the admiring glances of others. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, order in our online store exclusive handmade pieces of jewelry.